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Surf & Impact is a new volunteer program that gives volunteers the unique opportunity to surf (and learn to surf) while volunteering, or shining, in a small community of Ghana.Surf & Impact volunteers live in the coastal village of Busua in the Western Region of Ghana for a minimum of four weeks and support and develop sustainable community development projects in the area.

Our volunteers have long-term placements in the fields of education, health, technology support, environmental issues and gender equality. While volunteering, participants get dedicated surf lessons and/or surf tours (depending on skill) as well as a unique cultural experience through homestays and other cultural activities. You won’t find another volunteer program like this!

Surf & Impact is an initiative led by Black Star Development Projects NGO.

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What makes Surf & Impact unique?

Surf & Impact provides more than just the typical volunteer experience. Volunteering and working on development projects in Busua is only just the beginning. In addition, volunteers will have the opportunity to spend time surfing the waves at the local beach by participating in a surf camp with trained surf instructors.  This combination of a volunteer program and surf camp is a model that is currently being used in other parts of the world, but this will be the first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa.

Furthermore, volunteers will be participants in a cultural exchange alongside community members, whereby they will be immersed in the local community. Activities will also be provided to introduce volunteers to local customs and to visit nearby attractions. Our goal is that volunteers not only leave feeling like they accomplished great things but also that the community acknowledges the hard work and dedication of each volunteer.


Ebenezer Felix Bentum



Black Star Development Projects developed the Surf & Impact surf volunteer program in 2011 to help the new surf tourists to the town to benefit the local community.

Black Star Development aims to design, organize and implement specialized development projects in small communities in Ghana.

The range and scope of our projects are broad and evolving, but the goal is to help different Ghanaian communities develop sustainably while elevating the standard of living and quality of life. The Organization is currently focused on ecotourism, but in the future the Organization will undertake other development projects, including education, health, sanitation and environmental projects. Through partnerships, project coordinators, interns and volunteers, the Organization works with the local communities to address their needs in a responsible way.