Surf & Impact is an organization that values the active participation of volunteers because it enriches and enhances our projects and activities.

Surf & Impact works in close collaboration with the local community and our volunteers are immersed in all aspects of their assigned project; from planning to practice. We are committed to having volunteers contributing their ideas and skills in different areas of our operations and expect in return that volunteers take their assignments seriously and act with respect for community members and local knowledge.
Through dividing the time between surfing and volunteering, Surf & Impact provides a great way of enjoying yourself while making a positive contribution to your host community.

Our volunteers stay in homestays where they are introduced to the unique Ghanaian hospitality and rich culture. The host families, and the community work, give the volunteers an opportunity to get immersed in a new culture and a different way of life; an experience that can promote mutual learning, personal growth and a changed view of our own place in the world.

Our goal is that volunteers can leave us knowing they made a positive contribution to the development of Busua community and see that the community acknowledges the hard work and dedication of each volunteer.

Responsible Tourism
Surf & Impact is dedicated to the concepts of responsible tourism. Our projects are designed to mitigate the adverse effects of traditional tourism by promoting environmental awareness through recycling and facilitating economic opportunities for local women.

Surf & Impact is also committed to the principles eco-tourism by implementing projects that are self-sustainable, environmentally sustainable and have a significant, long-lasting impact on the community of Busua.

Volunteers will be working and living in Busua, a traditional fishing community on the coast in the Western Region of Ghana. Busua is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana, a 3km beach mostly undeveloped, making it a popular place for people to relax and enjoy various water and beach activities.

Busua is located near the villages of Butre, Dixcove and Agona. The closest city, Takoradi, is about a one-hour trip from Busua, where you can find almost anything you will need throughout your stay.