Surf & Impact volunteers have the opportunity to be assistant teachers in the Primary and Junior High schools of Busua. Volunteers spend the days teaching students the curriculum or organizing educational workshops on important issues and topics not typically taught at the local school. The schools currently have a high demand for teachers in English, Creative Arts, Math and ICT (computer literacy).

The school in Busua is understaffed and has insufficient funds to employ more teachers. Volunteers are needed to provide kids with necessary knowledge and skills in order to ensure progress and help them achieve their full potential.

  • Duration: Minimum 1 month (3 months preferred)
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am-2 pm
  • Activities: Plan, assist and teach lessons, tutor students and act as a mentor.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Prior teaching experience is preferred, but the program can be flexible to include those who want to gain experience in teaching and working with kids / youth in general.



This initiative is a great opportunity for those who are interested in creative education and working with youth from JHS and Upper Primary school. You will work on organizing and enhancing the After School program through creative activities and different approaches to tutoring such as educational games and sports. In After School we teach and review subjects taught in class in addition to teaching about health, the environment, leadership and critical thinking.

Volunteers work with the school kids from 2:30pm-4:30pm with the rest of their volunteer hours used to. Lesson plans should be added to our on-going ‘After School Manual’ that was started by two of Surf & Impact’s first volunteers. Depending on the tide volunteers will participate in the surf camp in the morning or the late afternoon. This volunteer placement will typically run from September-December, January-April, and May-July.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum preferred but different timescales can be discussed
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Additional hours are required to plan, organize and develop lesson plans and activities
  • Activities: Lead the After School Program, organize extra curricular activities, update and make new lesson plans for our After School Manual
  • Volunteer Requirements: Anyone can apply for this position. Creative individuals and those with experience in working with youth are encouraged to apply.



Volunteers will work on organizing the After School Program (see above) with a focus on improving computer skills. In addition to developing children’s practical computer skills and knowledge, volunteers have the opportunity to give computer lessons to other community members who are interested in learning or furthering the knowledge they have. Computer literacy is becoming increasingly important in Ghana and volunteers are needed to help students and other interested individuals to keep up with the development.

This volunteer placement is flexible as workshops vary depending on the activities and needs of the community.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum preferred but different timescales can be discussed
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. Work hours are during After School 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Additional ICT lessons may be held during regular school hours or evening time; depending on the demand and capacity of volunteers.
  • Activities: Lead individual and group computer lessons for beginners and more advanced learners.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Basic computer skills (especially Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)



This is an incredible opportunity for volunteers who are interested in making a positive impact on the lives of women in the community. The Women’s Group is an innovative and flexible project where the volunteers can help with the development and marketing of small enterprises, teach English and life skills, engaging in arts and crafts activities and working on micro-financing among other possibilities. One of our current projects is making tie and dye cloth and sewing it into clothing for men and women. The volunteers will participate in developing this enterprise and expanding it into local markets and to the internet for on-line sales. This placement requires a great deal of creativity and initiative from the volunteers in order to thrive.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum preferred but different timescales can be discussed
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. Work hours are flexible depending on what activities the volunteer will participate in. This will be decided between the volunteer and Volunteer Coordinator upon arrival

Activities: Possible activities depend on the volunteer’s skills and can include; teaching small business practices,  English and ICT classes, ·  product development, designing an internet marketplace for the handcrafted clothing, developing new potential projects

  • Volunteer Requirements:Female volunteers are preferred in order to encourage the theme of women helping women. However, male volunteers who are interested in small-scale enterprise development and women’s empowerment are also welcome.

Volunteers are strongly needed at Dixcove Hospital which currently has one doctor for hundreds of patients from several neighboring towns and villages. Volunteers will work with Dr. Frimpong (Ghana MD) to assist in administration, care and treatment. This is a great opportunity for doctors, nurses, medical and pre-med students interested in learning about tropical medicine in a rural setting. The hospital is accustomed to working with volunteers from all over the world and welcomes the extra support and assistance.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. 8 am – 2 pm.
  • Activities: Depending on experience, activities can include seeing in-take patients, helping with hospital administration, assisting in theater among many others. Volunteers will work with hospital staff to determine appropriate activities.
  • Volunteer Requirements: This volunteer position is only open to individuals with experience in the field of health and medicine as the work at the hospital demands a sufficient level of education and knowledge in medicine and medical practice.

Busua has a massive waste disposal problem; particularly plastic waste is dumped on streets, on beaches, in ocean and in fragile wetlands where it causes harm to ecological systems. To mitigate this pollution, Black Star Development has built a recycling center where residents can bring their plastic waste in exchange for a small imbursement. Volunteers are needed to effectively run the recycling center through the collection of plastics, small-scale budgeting and information dissemination as well as organizing educational activities through an environmental club. Club activities will involve promoting recycling, beach clean ups, and general awareness-raising on environmental sustainability.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum preferred but different timescales can be discussed
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. Work hours are from 10am to 4pm with some occasional weekend and evening-time activities.
  • Activities: Maintain and promote Plastic Recycling Center operations. Work with Junior High School students on issues of environmental awareness.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Anyone can apply for this position. An educational or practical background in ecology and environmental studies is helpful, but not necessary. This position does require some creativity and initiative in working with the environmental club and informational environmental campaigns.



Sports are a key part of children’s development teaching them a healthy lifestyle as well as key skill such as teamwork, competitiveness and patience. There are 2 opportunities to coach within Busua; the first is part of the after school program where the volunteer will have the chance to teach the kids new sports as well as help improve the students ability in sports they are familiar with such as Football and Volleyball. The second opportunity is to help establish the new Busua Superstars F.C. who have a newly established U14 and U17 side. The volunteer will be expected to provide coaching sessions each weekday for the teams with help from Surf & Impact staff.

  • Duration: 1 month minimum preferred but different timescales can be discussed
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday. Work hours are from 4-6pm with occasional weekend matches if coaching Busua Superstars F.C.
  • Activities: Assisting with coaching at the school/local football club.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Experience/coaching qualifications preferred however, the type of coaching that the volunteer participates in can be discussed with Surf & Impact staff prior to arrival.

Our volunteer program is designed to make an Impact